Taking action for older men

Preventing older male suicide

One in five men who die of suicide in Australia are aged 60 and over, with men aged 85 and over having a higher rate of suicide than any other age group.

The Stop Male Suicide in Older Men project aims to give local people in the Hunter, New England and Central Coast region, the tools they need to start conversations that could save older men’s lives.


Older male suicides

Men over 65 at higher risk of suicide

Glen Poole of Stop Male Suicide said: “Suicide kills 9 people in a day on average and 7 of these suicides will be male".

Men over 65 can be at increased risk for a number of reasons, which include declining physical health, social isolation, bereavement, financial hardship, loss of purpose and mental health issues.”

“We want to hear from people who come into contact with older men in their workplaces and communities and find ways we can help them to take action to prevent suicide in older men.”

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